“Such incredible and state of the art therapies. This place has completely changed my life. I’ve struggled with chronic illness for over a decade and this is the ONLY place that has been able to provide me with any relief and hope. I highly suggest it. The staff is also incredible and highly knowledgeable on what would be the most benefit.”

“If you’re really looking for a health boost and tried all the traditional/conventional medicine…I highly recommend you to try this place. Many affordable options and packages available.”

“Had a wonderful experience with Advanced energy today. Working on stress relief, pain relief, overall well being and better mental and physical health. Great staff and a beautiful, calm setting.”

“Relaxing atmosphere and after several visits a noticeable difference in my back pain using the PEMF. Also began using hydrogen and detoxification once a week. Recommend checking Advanced Innergy out for yourself.”


I hadn’t told anybody what was happening in my mind. Frankly, it was something I really didn’t want to admit was happening. When I came to the Center, I was at a point I could look at a street sign or a license plate, turn my head and completely forget what I just read or saw. I couldn’t recall the color or the sign, the letters or numbers on the license plate – NOTHING. I used to have great recall. I could even remember verses in the Bible after I had read them. That used to be so easy for me. It has been 5 months since I began using the Hydrogen Water, rTMS, and the bio-resonance service. I feel like the Inner Voice tones that were sent to me after each bio resonance session continue to make a huge impact on my recall. I take those 4 amazing tones each time and I put them on as I drive, I fall asleep with them and will continue to do. I am now able to recall Bible verses, all of the numbers and letters on the license plates, colors, and words of signs along the road. My mind and recall aren’t perfect, but they are so much better. It gives me such a sense of peace listening to the tones and knowing that things are changing in my mind and body. I don’t know how it works but I am so thankful for this amazing technology you have and the help it has given me in my mind.


I feel so grateful for the way my face now looks, but I am especially happy about my lips. I would never use Botox or fillers, but my lips looked like I had smoked for years (never did). But, thanks to the triLift, my lips now look wrinkle free. Actually, my whole face is contoured, my eyes are more open, and I truly appreciate everything Evett did in the process of my treatments.

I bought a package for the triLift and I am so happy I did. I like to look at myself in the mirror again. I had a jowly look that is now gone and my cheeks are lifted. I feel a glow again and it feels wonderful.


I discovered Advanced Innergy 90 days ago. At the end of last year, I had a stroke that had damaged the nerves on the left side of my body. I came here with the hope of restoring my brain function, stopping anxiety attacks and also getting the muscle and nerve function back on the left side of my body. At first, I needed help to get into the Hyperbaric Room and then walk to the rTMS. Now, it is all on my own. I feel much calmer and am more peaceful. I certainly move better and have increased my energy.


Doctors couldn’t diagnose a sore I had on my leg for about 3 months, and I am intolerant to antibiotics. After hearing about Advanced Innergy, I began using the hyperbaric room to see if it would help heal the sore. I also decided to try hydrogen inhalation because I saw that it was good for so many things. For the year prior, I had been experiencing ankle and knee pain and stiffness and the skin on my upper arms was very bumpy as well, to the point I’d be embarrassed for anybody to see or touch it.

After just a couple hyperbaric sessions, I could see that the sore on my leg was finally starting to heal, and now, after regular use with the hyperbaric chamber, the sore is almost completely healed! I’m also happy to report that the skin on my arms is very smooth again and the pain and stiffness in my knees and ankles has diminished significantly after just a few hydrogen inhalation sessions! I plan on keeping it up and trying other equipment as well.

The staff is always very friendly and helpful, answering any questions and offering suggestions. I would and have recommended Advanced Innergy to friends and family.


I was super excited when I heard about Advanced Innergy as it is an alternative option that was not available anywhere in our area.  As I entered menopause, I was experiencing hot flashes.  I used the LED Light Bed on the hormonal setting.  One day, it dawned on me that my hot flashes were gone and I knew it was from the Light Bed. I had used it four times at that point but I am continuing to use it. I feel such a calmness and peace after using it – it is like I laid in the sun without getting any sun damage!  Additionally, I use the Pressotherapy. I think it works well with the LED Light Bed and it has helped me with body contouring and with lymph drainage.


When I first came to Advanced Innergy, I could barely walk to take a tour of the equipment. I lacked energy and suffered from headaches, anxiety and inflammation. Since using the hyperbaric room, I have found that my concentration has improved, I have less neurological symptoms and headaches and I am much more mobile now. The staff is friendly and helpful, and I would definitely recommend the center to others.


Since starting at Advanced Innergy I now move better and have less pain. I have used the PEMF Mat and the LED Bed. I also have experienced the Inner-Breath Hydrogen Machine and really like it as it has helped, and I believe that I have increased energy from its use.


I had an accident while carrying a roaster as the liquid poured over the sides of the pan onto my hands and they were severely burnt. I came to Advanced Innergy and used the Hyperbaric Room with the Wave set for burn healing. When I came to them, both hands were bandaged. After 5 treatments, the bandages were off and my hands were healing. I was able to use them.


When I first came to Advanced Innergy I was all balled up inside, my guts were always churning. After one week combining all that the center has to offer, I feel like my guts are at minimum 50% improved (if not more). I LOVE lying in the Theta and the LED and having those machines just do their work in my body. I feel more relaxed than I have in years!


When I came to Advanced Innergy, I was in pain and felt very anxious. I used the PEMF for the pain but realized there were other benefits to it as well. I felt so calm and more peaceful after using the hydrogen therapy.


Since using the PEMF for back pain and the RF Foot Detox for neuropathy, the pain in my back has improved and I’ve experienced less numbness in my feet. The staff is always very nice.


I woke up this morning in pain. My hip and knee were hurting, and I didn’t even want to walk. I came to Advanced Innergy and used the LED Light Bed. The staff recommended the healing frequency to me that I needed. Afterwards, I used the PEMF. I can now walk and sit pain free. Thank you!


After I got struck by a truck when I was riding my motorcycle, I had traumatic brain injury. I had to relearn how to do everything, and I am still not fully recovered. The Theta Bed, along with the rTMS and LED Light bed have helped me a lot! I feel more relaxed, and I feel better. It has also helped me to be able to talk better.


This is the best place to go to reset your body and heal aches and pains. I started going here to see what it was all about. I AM HOOKED! Not only is the staff wonderful (thank you Pat!) but I had the best 30 min nap with the hydrogen therapy I have ever had in my life! Not to mention how wonderful I felt after. My head was clear, I had energy and was totally relaxed. My muscles weren’t tense, and I felt like I could run a marathon (I didn’t lol). I also did the LED light therapy bed which I also love. I always relax in that as well. The pressure suit is wonderful to squeeze the excess fluid out of your system too! I was bloated and retaining water before I went. Needless to say, after the visit I expelled the excess fluid at home! I highly recommend you try this place! It fixes problems it doesn’t “drug the symptoms!” Do it for your health!!!!!!


On Friday, we had a person come in who was in a lot of back pain. Could we help? We put them into the LED Red Light Therapy followed by the PEMF. Today we received this note: “It was amazing. I feel great. It’s like I didn’t even just hurt my back.”

When I came to Advanced Innergy I had really bad knee pain and my joints were inflamed. After just a few treatments with the PEMF, I’m moving better and in less pain. The staff is friendly and helpful. I would recommend to others.

The staff always have everything ready to go for me when I come in to use the PEMF. This has helped reduce the pain I’ve been in from neuropathy. They are very helpful with any questions, and I would recommend Advanced Innergy to family and friends.


What wonderful results we are experiencing from Advanced Innergy’s treatments! Thank you so much. My family member had a severe brain injury from a motorcycle wreck 13 years ago. Traditional medicine has not helped much, if at all. The Theta Bed, rTMS, Inner-Hydrogen and LED Light Therapy have improved his thinking and ability to communicate. He is more social now, interactive and sharing, conversing with others! Before he was quiet and withdrawn but subject to outbursts of anger. The anger has virtually subsided! What a difference we are seeing!! This is unbelievable. If you want to see results, you need to try Advanced Innergy! Seriously, we are so amazed.


I have been using Inner Breath Hydrogen Inhalation, the LED Light Bed and Pressotherapy. I’m moving better with less pain and more energy. The staff is wonderful – very welcoming and helpful. I’ve sent many people Advanced Innergy’s way and am sure I’ll send more.


I came to Advanced Innergy because I was feeling anxious and losing some memory. The Hyperbaric Chamber and the rTMS have increased my energy and helped me to move better, think better, to feel less anxious and more calm and peaceful. Staff is very friendly and helpful! I will continue to recommend to family and friends.


After multiple falls I had tailbone, ankle and hand pain. I also suffered from depression and anger. I’ve used several pieces of equipment at Advanced Innergy. I feel like the Theta Chamber helped me to feel peaceful and calm. I also used the PEMF, Hyperbaric Chamber and LED Light Bed and am moving better with increased energy and less pain. Staff is always helpful and friendly, and the facility has a very relaxing ambiance. I would recommend the center to others since I had such good results.


I came into Advanced Innergy with menopausal hormone imbalance issues. I’ve lost inches around my middle after using Pressotherapy. My hot flashes are gone now, too, after using the hormone balancing setting on the LED Light Bed! The staff is helpful and friendly, and I’ve recommended many others to Advanced Innergy.


For so many years I was deeply sad. I didn’t enjoy the holidays anymore and Christmas was the very worst. This went on for almost twenty years with increasing sadness and, at times, inability to function. If I had to go to an event or was around family, no one would really know as I tried to hide it. Then, I found out about emotional healing. Last year was the first year Christmas was back to being a wonderful time of year again. I cannot begin to thank Julie enough for everything she did for me. The best part, she took it away. I didn’t have to tell her anything other than how I was feeling.


I came to Advanced Innergy with so many strange feelings and sensations in my body that I didn’t know where to start. I just knew I could not take the way I was feeling any longer. Doctors didn’t know what to do other than give me a prescription. Advanced Innergy helped me figure out what needed to be done to truly get me back. One of the pieces of equipment they recommended was the Theta. I didn’t know if I could do it because it spins and is closed. But, once it started, I didn’t even realize I was moving. After my first session in the Theta Bed, I knew they were on to something. I now have been in it several times and I will never stop. I no longer have the overwhelming anxiousness that I had and truly love coming. I would recommend it to anyone.


I was so stressed I knew I couldn’t take one more problem or piece of bad news. I went to Advanced Innergy and breathed hydrogen. After a few minutes, I started to feel better and by the time my session was over, I was relaxed and ready to face the day again. Thank you, Advanced Innergy.


I used the pressotherapy because I have poor circulation. For as long as I remember, my legs have been lumpy and bumpy on top. But, after several times, I noticed that they looked smoother. When I told Advanced Innergy about it they explained that one of the functions of the pressotherapy is cellulite reduction. I got an unexpected benefit that makes me very happy. I really like the staff. They are all so kind and caring.