Relief From Hot Flashes: How One Woman Used LED Bed Treatments to Find Relief

In this video, Molly shares with Julie about her experience in the LED Bed. Our bodies change – and during menopause they can experience some very unpleasant hot flashes. Molly relates how the LED Bed has helped her during this time. She also talks about using Presso-Therapy to help with body sculpting.

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Video highlights:

0:00 – Intro
1:00 – How the LED Light Bed helped Molly with her Hormones
3:40 – Body shaping with PressoTherapy

Hot Flash Holistic Ideas to Use in Conjunction with the Treatments at the Center

Here’s the additional information that Julie says she’ll provide at the end of the video:

-Boiron Lachesis Mutus and Sulphur pellets morning and night

-Custom Homeopathic Pellet Blend using the Advanced Innergy Bio Resonance Program

-DoTerra Phytoestrogen Capsules

-Essential Oil Monthly Blend for Women over the ovaries and on feet

-Meditations to reduce stress responses in the body

-Reducing the amount of spicy foods and caffeine intake

If you need any assistance with these suggestions please contact Julie at 309-222-8386