Advanced Innergy solutions for PTSD

At Advanced Innergy we harmonize modern technology with brain science to awaken the body’s innate healing capability in an effort to bring a vibrant, healthy and pain-free existence within everyone’s reach.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is considered a trauma and stress-related disorder. PTDS is a complex condition characterized by recurrent, intrusive memories, distressing dreams, flashbacks and/or severe anxiety about a terrifying event experienced or witnessed. As with other trauma and stress-related disorders, it involves a chemical imbalance in the reward circuit of the brain.

PTSD manifests itself in a wide variety of symptoms and effects. For any treatment to be effective, it must correct the imbalances in the brain associated with PTSD.

This neurological approach is tailored for each individual and their specific needs. We incorporate some of the following equipment in our PTSD Progams:

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