Woman receiving PEMF Therapy

“Since starting at Advanced Innergy I now move better and have less pain. I have used the PEMF Mat and the LED Bed. I also have experienced the Inner-Breath Hydrogen Machine and really like it as it has helped, and I believe that I have increased energy from its use.”

“Since using the PEMF for back pain and the RF Foot Detox for neuropathy, the pain in my back has improved and I’ve experienced less numbness in my feet. The staff is always very nice.”

“When I came to Advanced Innergy, I was in pain and felt very anxious. I used the PEMF for the pain but realized there were other benefits to it as well. I felt so calm and more peaceful after using the hydrogen therapy.”

“I woke up this morning in pain. My hip and knee were hurting, and I didn’t even want to walk. I came to Advanced Innergy and used the LED Light Bed. The staff recommended the healing frequency to me that I needed. Afterwards, I used the PEMF. I can now walk and sit pain free. Thank you!”

On Friday, we had a person come in who was in a lot of back pain. Could we help? We put them into the LED Red Light Therapy followed by the PEMF. Today we received this note: “It was amazing. I feel great. It’s like I didn’t even just hurt my back.”

When I came to Advanced Innergy I had really bad knee pain and my joints were inflamed. After just a few treatments with the PEMF, I’m moving better and in less pain. The staff is friendly and helpful. I would recommend to others.

The staff always have everything ready to go for me when I come in to use the PEMF. This has helped reduce the pain I’ve been in from neuropathy. They are very helpful with any questions, and I would recommend Advanced Innergy to family and friends.

“After multiple falls I had tailbone, ankle and hand pain. I also suffered from depression and anger. I’ve used several pieces of equipment at Advanced Innergy. I feel like the Theta Chamber helped me to feel peaceful and calm. I also used the PEMF, Hyperbaric Chamber and LED Light Bed and am moving better with increased energy and less pain. Staff is always helpful and friendly, and the facility has a very relaxing ambiance. I would recommend the center to others since I had such good results.”

Get your cells charged!  This therapy emits electromagnetic waves in order to stimulate and encourage your body’s natural recovery process.  PEMF therapy is used to assist in the treatment of all kinds of medical conditions, including everything from pain to digestive issues.

PEMF therapy is so effective because it effectively “recharges the batteries” of depleted cells. While we don’t normally think about it, all living cells do carry an electrical charge—about 20 millivolts for a healthy cell. As the voltage of these cells drop, the body loses efficiency, causing pain, illness, or the breakdown of tissues. PEMF aims to restore the voltage of cells, allowing the body to operate at its peak and allowing the body to repair itself more effectively. Thus, it makes sense how PEMF can be used to treat such a wide variety of medical conditions. The treatment basically just increases cell power, allowing for all body functions to run more smoothly and it is totally non-invasive.


Possible benefits from using PEMF (pulse electromagnetic field) Therapy:

  • Decreased pain
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Faster functional recovery
  • Reduced muscle loss after surgery
  • Increased strength in ligaments
  • Enhanced capillary formation
  • Repairs cells damaged by stress
  • Brain function and focus support
  • Bone density and joint function support
  • Increased energy
  • Decreased anxiety and depression