Inner Hydrogen Therapy

“This is the best place to go to reset your body and heal aches and pains. I started going here to see what it was all about. I AM HOOKED! Not only is the staff wonderful (thank you Pat!) but I had the best 30 min nap with the hydrogen therapy I have ever had in my life! Not to mention how wonderful I felt after. My head was clear, I had energy and was totally relaxed. My muscles weren’t tense and I felt like I could run a marathon (I didn’t lol). I also did the red light therapy bed which I also love I always relax in that as well. The pressure suit is wonderful to squeeze the excess fluid out of your system too! I was bloated and retaining water before I went. Needless to say after the visit I expelled the excess fluid at home!😀 I highly recommend you try this place! It fixes problems it doesn’t “drug the symptoms”! Do it for your health!!!!!!!” – Guest testimonial


Inner Hydrogen Therapy provides extensive protection against oxidative stress, inflammation, and allergic reactions. Hydrogen is able to cross the blood brain barrier and enter the mitochondria.

Hydrogen is an anti-oxidant that never becomes a free radical in the body. Everybody can benefit from Hydrogen Therapy. Hydrogen can be inhaled at low concentrations or infused into water and can protect cells from oxidative stress-related damage.

Molecular Hydrogen is an innovative and effective treatment for exercise-induced oxidative stress and sports injury.

The following information is directly from Hydrogen Medicine by Dr. Mark Sircus

What to expect from Hydrogen Inhalation Treatments

Restores youthfulness
Ulcers and sores healing
Firmer and thicker hair
Reduction in blood pressure
Slows down free radical damage
Lowers cholesterol levels
Help flush heavy metals from our bodies Helps in the absorption of supplements Improved allergies and asthma conditions Better blood circulation
Lower saturated fat levels
Fewer body fatigues
Faster recover from diseases
Improved peripheral circulation
Reduces cellulite and wrinkles
Improves memory in elderly
Boosts brain power
Reduces acidic condition
Improved constipation and diarrhea conditions Improved blood glucose

Common Testimonies Using Hydrogen Include:

Diminishing of numbness in extremities
Reduction and elimination of edema
Improvement of sinus problems
More energy
Improvements in blood sugar, Reducing the need for insulin Feeling the difference after the first treatment
Feelings of refreshment and lightness on one’s feet
Improvements in skin conditions
Improvements in stamina
Feelings of body changes and energy levels
Unstiffening of knees and ankles
Stimulate youthful senses, more alert
Progress in circulation
Reduction of pain, headaches gone, Decrease in need for painkillers Skin appearance dramatically improved
Healthier hair, spots on face reduced
Reduction of constipation
Lesser feelings of depression
Neck no longer stiff; Restoration of full range of movement
Nails stronger, Hair breakage and split ends minimized