Hyperbaric Chamber at Advanced Innergy


This treatment, also known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is done in a compressed, sealed chamber where you are given pure oxygen to inhale which significantly increases the oxygen absorption into the body’s tissues.

This treatment is used to speed up recovery of wounds, infections and even post-injury/surgery recovery.

  • Treatments are up to one hour
  • Advanced Innergy’s chamber is a full size walk in
  • Advanced Innergy’s chamber has a full size clear plexiglass panel door to allow for visibility into and out of the chamber (reducing claustrophobic triggers)
  • Relax or be productive using our high-speed WiFi while you enjoy your treatment
  • Advanced Innergy’s chamber also has an acoustic wave generator allowing you to add targeted or general frequencies to enhance your treatment experience

What our customers say . . .


I had an accident while carrying a roaster as the liquid poured over the sides of the pan onto my hands and they were severely burnt. I came to Advanced Innergy and used the Hyperbaric Room with the Wave set for burn healing. When I came to them, both hands were bandaged. After 5 treatments, the bandages were off and my hands were healing. I was able to use them.