Emotional Healing

“My emotions were all over the place and almost always unstable…I have been focused and I wake up with a mission and joy instead of feeling detached and not important.”

“I was able to tap into past experiences from my teenage years that were traumatic in my life and come to terms with it in a positive twist as I move forward in my life. Working with you was relieving and rejuvenating.”

“After my session I felt the type of relief one feels after a good night’s sleep after not sleeping well for an extended period of time. My mind felt clearer and more relieved than I have in almost three years.”

“I was skeptical about this work….but I figured why not…I have knee pain that is not going away and after our initial session it went away and I was like…I don’t have to know how it works it just does…this work is worth every penny…it’s like therapy…my body responds to this work I find it very helpful and after session I feel better physically as well as emotionally…I don’t reliving the trauma, I recognize it and it lifts I don’t sit in the trauma it releases.”

“For so many years I was deeply sad. I didn’t enjoy the holidays anymore and Christmas was the very worst. This went on for almost twenty years with increasing sadness and, at times, inability to function. If I had to go to an event or was around family, no one would really know as I tried to hide it. Then, I found out about emotional healing. Last year was the first year Christmas was back to being a wonderful time of year again. I cannot begin to thank Julie enough for everything she did for me. The best part, she took it away. I didn’t have to tell her anything other than how I was feeling.”


Bio Resonance-Emotional Relase-01At Advanced Innergy, we believe that a holistic approach to health and wellness involves addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of our well-being. We understand that emotional stress can create cracks in our wellness foundation, manifesting as unexplained pain, cognitive issues, exhaustion, depression or anxiety.

Julie Drake (CECP/CBCP), our Emotional Release Facilitator, is committed to helping clients identify and remove the effects of emotional wounds, limiting beliefs, and trauma in their bodies. By addressing these root causes, clients can better heal themselves and maximize the benefits of the healing equipment and services offered at Advanced Innergy.

Bio Resconce Emotional Healing-02

Is Emotional Healing Right for You?
If you experience any of the following, it may be time to consider adding
emotional healing to your wellness toolbox:

  • Unexplained physical discomfort that persists or recurs despite using our equipment
  • Heartbreak or emotional stress
  • Difficulty feeling emotionally connected to others
  • Emotional triggers from past experiences
  • Stuck in behavior patterns that you can’t break
  • Self-sabotage in relationships, career, or life in general

Julie Offers a Range of Emotional Healing Services, including:

  • Emotion Code and Body Code
  • Core Talk
  • EFT Tapping and Guided Release (customized for your needs)
  • Essential Oil Recommendations to help move emotions between sessions
  • And more

How Does It Work?
Julie uses muscle testing, a method of applied kinesiology, to identify and release stuck energies within the body. This technique allows you to be free from the limitations caused by your body retaining the memory of past emotional wounds, difficult situations, and limiting beliefs.

Unlike traditional therapy, there is no need to relive past events or get lost in those memories during a session. Your body knows where these blocks are stored and how they are affecting your mind and body today.

Remote Sessions:
Healing sessions are offered over the phone or via Zoom with Julie Drake, our Certified Practitioner. This service is not conducted at Advanced Innergy.

Take the First Step:
If you’re ready to address the emotional aspects of your health and wellness journey and heal the emotional cracks in your wellness foundation, call or visit Advanced Innergy to schedule a Discovery Call with Julie Drake (CECP, CBCP) (309) 220-8222.