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Relief From Hot Flashes: How One Woman Used LED Bed Treatments to Find Relief

In this video, Molly shares with Julie about her experience in the LED Bed. Our bodies change – and during menopause they can experience some very unpleasant hot flashes. Molly relates how the LED Bed has helped her during this time. She also talks about using Presso-Therapy to help with body sculpting.

Advanced Innergy is turning 1!

ADVANCED INNERGY IS TURNING 1! And we are celebrating on August 22 Enjoy all of our equipment 50% off from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. ($25 or $50 depending on the equipment chosen) You can pre-book your session by calling (309) 220-8222

Sara Testimonial Advanced Innergy

Sara shares how the Inner-Light LED Therapy Bed at Advanced Innergy is helping her lower back pain and behind the shoulder pain.

Gary and Sara Testimonial Advanced Innergy

Gary, who suffered a stroke, has been coming to Advanced Innergy for a couple of months and we’ve noticed a big change! Gary and wife Sara share some of the great results our technology is helping him to achieve on his journey towards recovery. 

What Is Presso-Therapy?

Presso Therapy can help with chronic issues like lymphatic drainage, poor circulation, etc. Find out how it works as you listen to Julie and Evett.

What Does an Inner-Light LED Therapy Bed Do?

We want to talk to you about overwhelming stress and how one of the coveted pieces of equipment at Advanced Innergy can really help you with things like that. Listen as Julie and Evett discuss the benefits you can experience from our Inner-Light LED Therapy Bed.

A Solution to Burnout and Stress

More and more people having problems with overwhelm stress and burnout. In this video, Julie and Evett from Advanced Innergy talk about the Theta Chamber and how it works and to help with stress, anxiety, fatigue, and mood.