Advanced Innergy Featured in Stroll The Heights Magazine

We are thrilled to be a featured business in the July, 2023 publication of Stroll The Heights magazine. A re-post of the article is below.

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Article by Stroll The Heights

In a world increasingly burdened by stress, pain, and chronic health conditions, Advanced Innergy shines brightly as a beacon of hope. This trailblazing wellness center, launched in August 2022, delivers previously unavailable services to the region.

At the helm are Pat Drake and Julie (Newburger) Drake, who champion holistic healing. As Julie Drake insightfully shares, “In our personal journeys, we have discovered that there are ways traditional medicine helps our individual bodies and areas where supplementation, alternative and holistic technology or methods does a better job for us personally. Because of incorporating things like we have here at the center, we are now in a much healthier and happier place.”

Theta Chamber-Advanced Innergy via Stroll The Heights Magazine

Advanced Innergy’s approach to wellness empowers individuals of all ages and conditions. The center specializes in customized packages, ensuring a range of wellness needs are met. Their focus includes acute pain relief, chronic issues management, detoxification, burnout and stress relief, and anti-aging. For those wrestling with acute or chronic pain, Advanced Innergy has become a sanctuary.

Utilizing innovative equipment like the Hyperbaric Chamber, Hydrogen Breath, and LED devices, they have seen remarkable improvements in clients suffering from neuropathy, arthritis, MS, Lyme disease, stroke, and more.

A grateful client, WT, notes significant progress in a family member with Traumatic Brain Injury, “The Theta Bed, rTMS, Inner-Hydrogen and LED Red Light Therapy have improved his thinking and ability to communicate. He is more social now, interactive and sharing, conversing with others! Before he was quiet and withdrawn but subject to outbursts of anger. The anger has virtually subsided! What a difference we are seeing!! This is unbelievable.”

PEMF-Advanced Innergy via Stroll The Heights Magazine

Likewise, those feeling the weight of burnout and stress find relief at Advanced Innergy. Virtual programs like BioResonance and Emotional Release, along with in-center therapies such as the Theta Chamber, PEMF with Chakra crystals, LED and Hydrogen therapies, work in harmony to address both physical and emotional wellness, promoting deep-rooted healing and rejuvenation. J.R., a regular client, says, “The tones from the Inner Voice scanner feel like they’re handpicked just for me. I can be having a super stressful day, but as soon as I engage with the tones, my body and mind just relax.”

AO Scan-Advanced Innergy via Stroll The Heights MagazineAdvanced Innergy also emphasizes the importance of detoxification, both emotionally and physically. Comprehensive detox programs, including Inner Cleanse, Presso Therapy, VIBE Plate, and Hydrogen therapies, have been instrumental in equipping clients to lead healthier, happier lives. One client, S.K. age 41, ecstatically shares,”…I had not been able to work since 2011. I also went from suffering from insomnia (for five years), fatigue, and Lyme co-infections to being able to start working, I now sleep better, and my co-infections have been cleared up. All this by following recommended protocols. It
is only been three months!”

Aging gracefully is a reality at Advanced Innergy. Innovative solutions include the chemical-free TriLift machine where the esthetician utilizes a combination of 3 unique modalities to promote youthful vitality inside and out. Clients, including Julie, testify to its effectiveness: “After the TriLift procedure, I not only look younger but also feel rejuvenated. It’s boosted my confidence incredibly.”

Advanced Innergy transcends the concept of a wellness center; it’s a place of hope and transformation. Here, cutting-edge technology meets compassionate care, and each individual’s journey toward a healthier, happier life is fully embraced. Their commitment to making vibrant, pain-free life a reality for everyone resonates in the testimonies of transformed lives – a testament that can be further explored on their website: