Advanced Innergy Featured in Peoria Journal Star

We are thrilled to be a featured business in the Peoria Journal Star. A re-post of the article is below.

Peoria Journal Star photo by Matt Dayhoff Theta Bed Advanced Innergy

Evett Jordan, left, operations manager with Advanced Innergy Health and Wellness, stands with co-owners Pat Drake, middle, and Julie Drake next to a theta chamber at the clinic at 400 E. War Memorial Drive in Peoria. The mother- and daughter-in-law opened the facility last August. The theta chamber uses light, sound and movement to treat addiction, depression and other ailments. MATT DAYHOFF/JOURNAL STAR

‘Healing the body and mind’: This Peoria business offers holistic medical techniques

Leslie Renken

Leslie Renken
Journal Star

PEORIA – Personal success with holistic healing led a pair of central Illinois residents to open Advanced Innergy Health and Wellness in Peoria.

Pat Drake and Julie Drake, mother- and daughter-in-law, respectively, opened the clinic at 400 E. War Memorial Drive in the summer of 2022. They filled the space with high-tech equipment that uses energy frequencies, oxygen, and hydrogen to promote healing.

“It’s really about healing the mind and body from the inside out. That’s what most of the equipment here is geared towards,” said Julie Drake. “Everything is based upon using energy frequencies in some way, shape, or form in order to bring harmony to the body and mind. And each piece of equipment does it a little bit differently.”

What are those strange contraptions?

Peoria Journal Star photo by Matt Dayhoff Hyperbaric Chamber Advanced Innergy

Clients can take a seat in a hyperbaric chamber and breathe in pure oxygen in a pressurized environment at Advanced Innergy in Peoria. The chamber helps improve healing from wounds and infections and treats myriad other medical conditions. MATT DAYHOFF/JOURNAL STAR

The center has seven major pieces of equipment along with a few other treatments:

  • Hyperbaric room raises oxygen levels to stimulate immune cell response and promote tissue repair. The room is easily accessed by a step and has the ability to seat two people. The chamber is pressurized and clients breath pure oxygen. It additionally has a Wave frequency unit which can be individually programmed for each client’s need.
  • Inner Breath allows clients to breath hydrogen to help with the body detox, restore youthfulness, reduce blood pressure, and slow free radical damage. Effective treatment for exercise-induced oxidative stress and sports injury.
  • Inner Cleanse is designed to raise your body temperature by a degree to promote healthy circulation of blood and energy, detox body organs, and eliminate toxins.
  • Theta Chamber, which uses light, sound and movement to synchronize neuropathways, reduce stress hormones and reset brainwaves. The device is used to treat depression and addiction.
  • Bio Resonance body scanner, which scans and optimizes frequencies in the body to promote emotional balance.
  • rTMS, which uses a device draped over the head to stimulate brain cells, synchronize neuropathways and increase serotonin and dopamine.
  • LED Light Bed, which increases collagen production, reduces pain and inflammation, improves circulation and reduces emotional stress.
  • Presso-Therapy, a device that encases the entire body in massaging pillow-like forms to increase blood circulation, flow from lymph nodes, and the body’s ability to eliminate toxins. The device improves varicose veins and energy and reduces stress.
  • PEMF, pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy, which uses magnetic energy to improve healing.
  • triLift facial treatment, the center’s only cosmetic device, which uses radio frequencies to lift the facial muscles, and micro needling to stimulate collagen to plump up sagging skin.

It’s not necessary to know what treatment is needed when visiting the center. A course of treatment will be recommended during a consultation. The cost of one session with one piece of equipment is typically about $50, but that cost can be reduced by purchasing a package of multiple visits.

Alternative medicine complements traditional medicine

Peoria Journal Star photo by Matt Dayhoff LED Light Bed Advanced Innergy

An LED light bed glows red in a treatment room at Advanced Innergy on War Memorial Drive in Peoria. MATT DAYHOFF/JOURNAL STAR

While the Hyperbaric Room and the Theta Chamber have been approved to treat certain conditions, most of the devices at Advanced Innergy belong in the realm of alternative medicine — meaning they have not undergone official testing to prove they are effective. But many people have found relief with alternative medicine, including Julie Drake, who has long pursued emotional balance as a way to achieve good health.

“I have been using the Bio Resonance scan for two years,” she said. “Wonky emotions are really responsible for most of the cracks in your wellness foundation — we can talk about food, we can talk about what you’re putting in your body supplementation-wise, but if you are totally clean and you have wonky emotions and horrible emotions running the show underneath, you can still be a hot mess physically. So that’s where that piece of equipment comes into play.”

Peoria Journal Star photo by Matt Dayhoff Advanced Innergy on 400 E War Memorial Drive

Advanced Innergy opened last summer at 400 E. War Memorial Drive in Peoria. The health and wellness clinic offers alternative therapies like a hyperbaric chamber and electromagnetic field energy to treat a variety of ailments. MATT DAYHOFF/JOURNAL STAR

Both Julie and Pat Drake say alternative treatments should be used as a complement, not a replacement, for traditional medicine.

“We are in no way saying the medical community is not needed — if you break your arm or have a heart attack, we don’t want you coming here,” said Julie Drake. “But I think the body is so complex — what heals your body may be different than what heals my body. … One of our beliefs is that, given the right conditions, a lot of the things that people struggle with, the body can heal itself. We want people to bring their body to the state where it releases these things on its own and begins to heal itself.”

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