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where we are passionate about enhancing your body, brain, and beauty naturally

You’re unique; your wellness journey should be too. That is why at Advanced Innergy, you’ll experience state-of-the-art wellness equipment. Our diverse treatments and tools are tailored to stimulate healing, ensuring the most effective outcomes for your individual needs.

Why Body?

The body is simple, right?  It’s easy to assess when you have something going wrong in the body – because you:

  • Feel pain
  • See wounds
  • Feel/See injuries
  • Experienced limited mobility
  • Etc.

We understand the desire for physical relief.  While there’s no guarantee of a one-and-done single, miraculous healing session, we do provide a variety of different tools and equipment to offer relief.

Our client’s stories demonstrate how the body can overcome pain, feel more energized and regain mobility at any age!

However, optimal health involves more than just the body; your brain also needs attention for complete wellness. …read Why Brain below for the answer to a potential and important missing component in your wellness journey.

Why Body

Why Brain

Why Brain?

The brain, a complex organ using just 10% of its capacity, secretly governs your body’s responses. While everyone consciously feels stress, anxiety, and other emotions, true healing involves more than addressing these surface feelings.

Your brain holds a record of everything, linking physical pains to emotional centers and stored traumas – both inherited and personal. To attain complete wellness, your wellness journey must look beyond physical symptoms and explore these deeper brain connections.

That  is why the Advanced Innergy, you’ll experience equipment that uses a  multi-sensory healing approach – including Bio Resonance and Emotional Release – all methods have been shown to address stored negative energy in the body.  Click here to learn more about how your brain affects your body.

Why Beauty?

You deserve to look beautiful and feel confident!  That may include wrinkle reduction, tighter skin, and rebuilding of the body’s collagen production.  All of that can  be done without the use of chemicals, fillers, surgeries, and other man-made [often toxic] substances.

Long-lasting results only come from a full body approach – which is why at Advanced Innergy, our full beauty experience includes a combination of our triLift, LED, Inner Hydrogen, and more to help you attain beauty from the inside and out.


  • The body and brain are complex
  • The body has an innate ability to heal itself under the right conditions
  • Treating the root cause of an issue is critical to full healing
  • Being your own health advocate and seeking natural alternatives whenever possible is something to be celebrated


Situated in the heart of the Midwest, we proudly offer the most comprehensive alternative wellness experience unparalleled in the region.  Our mission is to offer innovative wellness for body, brain, and beauty, fostering a path to holistic health that is both natural and available to all individuals.

Meet The Team

Pat Drake

Pat Drake


A medical staffing leader since 1994, Pat is known for her dedication to helping others, from community volunteering to supporting non-profits and founding businesses designed to help others. Her local and national accolades include the Athena Award, Pioneer Award, 25 Women of Leadership, and NAWBO Lifetime Achievement. Now, she channels her passion for natural wellness to you!

Pat, an active senior, combines strength training and exercise with learning new technologies and brain games. She is an avid researcher, a pastime that led to the technologies and  innovations now available at Advanced Innergy. Frequently mistaken for someone younger, Pat attributes her youthful vigor in part to playing with her grandkids. “All my life, I’ve known there’s a playful kid inside me. Playing with the little ones in our family keeps me young and brings joy, especially witnessing their first experiences,” she reflects.

Julie Drake

Julie Drake


Julie, our Emotional Release & Bio Resonance Facilitator at Advanced Innergy, has been an entrepreneur since 2003. Despite outward success, she faced significant challenges about 15 years into her journey, with plummeting sales and dwindling self-confidence. Discovering the root causes and ways to overcome these hurdles, Julie now applies these effective techniques at Advanced Innergy to assist you in overcoming your own physical and emotional hurdles.

Julie, a recipient of the 40 under 40 award, has guided over 100 clients towards positive change in life and business, addressing physical, emotional, and mental aspects through various release methods. Fascinated by the body-brain connection, she’s excited to enhance Advanced Innergy’s wellness toolbox to bring you a

Julie  is a 40 under 40 award winner. She has helped over 100 clients achieve results physically, emotionally, and mentally bringing positive change to life and business using a variety of release methods.  She is fascinated by the body & brain connection and is excited to join forces here at Advanced Innergy to bring these innovative tools to you.

Evett Jordan

Evett Jordan

Operations Manager

Evett has been with Advanced Innergy since we opened our doors in August 2022. She has become the face of our center and the technical wizard behind our equipment, ensuring everything operates seamlessly.

Evett, a certified Esthetician, has been bringing out the best of Peoria’s natural beauty since 2011.  She champions toxin-free beauty solutions and skillfully operates the triLift RF micro needling and muscle stimulation giving your skin a boost that helps it produce collagen naturally, enhancing inner and outer beauty.  Known for being warm and inviting, Evett combines her deep passion for alternative wellness with the healing arts of Reflexology and Acupressure, skillfully bringing your body into balance.  Her dedication to helping clients look and feel their best shines through every interaction.